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Casting Component Design

All castings provide heavily ribbed internal supports to resist flex and absorb vibration. They are completely annealed and stress relieved to minimize machine aging distortion.

Pre-tension Ball Screws with End Nut Support minimize the effects of thermal distortion for better repeatability.


All major components-column, saddle bed, table and spindle housing are designed to provide maxium strength to insure rigidity and stability.



X.Y.Z axis guide ways are all box way designs, insure machines ability to take heavy-duty cuts.
DM4322's 4-way bed construction insures greater rigidity.



All slide surfaces are Turcite-B fitted and hand scraped to reduce slip-stick and provide smooth acceleration and deceleration.



Rigid Spindle Construction

  • The spindle is manufactured utilizing P4 grade, high precision angular contact ball bearings.
  • All spindle bearings are arranged in an O-type design providing full support for heavy-duty cutting.
  • Central spindle coolant system.
  • All spindle are calibrated and dynamically balanced for better run-out and longer life.

Ball Screws

  • The precision ball screws are pre-loaded and supported at both ends to insure stability and long life.
  • All ball screws are central to the axis to maintain accuracy and reduce the stress of movement.
  • The ball screws are a large 40mm diameter to insure the capability of heavy-duty machining.

Machine Built with High Level Performance

  • All machines are laser calibrated and certified for position accuracy.
  • All machines are certified for circular circumference measurement and dynamic compensation.
  • All machines are subjected to a heavy-duty cutting test.
  • All machines undergo a rigorous reliability test.

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