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Vertical Machine Center Accessories

OAPS-B40**	Pull Studs BT40 (each)                                   
OAPS-C40**	Pull Studs DIN40 (each)                                  
		Swing Arm ATC(24T)                                       
		Geared Head Spindle(for  DM4322 and DM3220 only)         
		10,000 rpm Spindle Speed(w/internal cooler)              
		10,000 rpm spindle speed(DM2016 only)                    
		4th Axis Prep.(AMC amplifier, SEM motor and cables.      
		Add $500 if 10" and 12" rotary tables will be used.)     
		4th Axis Ready(Internal Cables)                          
		5th Axis Prep.(AMC amplifier, SEM motor and cables)      
OA2055   	Electronic Touch Probe for Automatic tool calibration and
		work coordination set up.                                
		Chip Conveyor(each, HF3016, HF4020 and DM4322            
		require two units.  Chip Cart Included)                  
		Coolant Through Spindle                                  
		Coolant Through Tool                                     
		CE Norm for EC Countries                                 
		Extended machine warranty(one year)                      
	**Note: Pull Studs are required to operate machines.             
OART-8	        8" 4th axis Rotary Table                                 
OART-10	        10" 4th axis Rotary Table                                
OART-12	        12" 4th axis Rotary Table                                
		-7.5 ~ +7.5 arc seconds - Indexing Accuracy              
		-2 ~ +2 arc seconds - Repeatability                      
NOTE:	Ordered with machine only.   Includes Rotary Table,              
	Digital Drive Motor, Cables, 4th Axis Amplifier and              
	Complete Machine Interface.     

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